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The roof and its supporting structure is one of the largest parts of a property. If not maintained and repaired on an ongoing basis, large and expensive building work may be necessary in the end. Small internal leaks may be manageable, but things will only get worse if you don’t tackle the problem. 

Hiring an independent roof surveyor is a great way of ensuring you know the state of your roof and what work may be required. Some lenders request a roof survey as part of their loan approval process, so you may not have a choice about whether to have once carried out. 

A home is the most expensive asset most people ever own, so it’s essential it’s looked after. Ignoring small problems today can lead to major ones tomorrow. 

Drones can offer a safe, efficient and cost-effective way to carry out property inspections while keeping your feet safely on the ground.


Your drone pilot can fly their UAV as directed by the property or construction manager, even allowing them to see the footage in real time so they can get precisely the data they need

The Federal Aviation Administration in the USA predicts that seven million drones will be in use in the country by 2020, and a large percentage of these will be operated in construction. 

As well as drone building surveys, unmanned aircraft have a role to play in design, inspection and monitoring. Some large construction firms send their surveyors for drone training and invest in their own equipment, but others choose to outsource. There are now thousands of CAA approved drone pilots in the UK who have experience in drone survey work. Outsourcing drone work is a good strategy as it means you can pay for services on demand and don’t have the ongoing costs of training and maintenance. 

A survey from the ground doesn’t tell the whole story in many cases. Flats and high rise properties are becoming increasingly common in the UK, and drone building surveys are ideal for these. A drone can record close-up images of brickwork, cladding and roof coverings in hard to access places. The alternative is to pay for scaffolding, and this can be extremely expensive. 

The high definition camera on a drone can capture detailed footage of the state of tiles, flashing and flat roof coverings to determine if repairs or maintenance are required. When buying a property, it’s worth the investment in a drone building survey to see if work is required. The photographs can be used to negotiate the price of a property if there are signs of problems. 

Advanced software can take the data captured from drone building surveys to develop 3D models and plans for architects and property developers. Developments in artificial intelligence over the next few years will make drones even more effective in the construction industry. 

Drones and Thermography

The addition of a thermal camera can also mean that information is revealed that would be invisible to the human eye. This can provide an ideal method of fault finding and problem diagnosis that is non-destructive and doesn’t cause disruption for workers or residents.  When a problem is found such as water ingress, missing insulation or thermal bridging, thermal imagery can be combined with traditional photography to provide pinpoint accurate data to repair and maintenance teams.

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Thermal imaging building surveys provide a non-destructive assessment of a buildings thermal performance. Once captured, thermal imagery allows for the quick identification of problems associated with heat loss or gain. This data can be used to clearly indicate areas of missing or damaged insulation, air leakage or moisture ingress.

What does a Roof Inspection Cost? 

If you’re buying an older property, you should certainly consider a full roof inspection. It makes sense to shop around, consider options and compare prices, but choosing not to pay for one is a false economy. 

The cost of a roof inspection could pay for itself many times over if it identifies serious problems. 
Even small issues like loose tiles or broken guttering could be used to negotiate a better price in a property purchase. 

Drone roof inspections are now a great alternative and can cost much less. They are also generally quicker, easier to arrange and can provide more detailed evidence of the state of a roof. 
In the case of a roof inspection report for insurance, images from a drone can be very powerful in getting a fair payment. 

A roof inspection cost varies depending on a number of factors. These include the size of your property, its location, the type of inspection you need and how it will be carried out. Drone roof inspections are now widely available in the UK, and these are often a more cost-effective solution. 


Even if they don’t, it can be very worthwhile having some kind of roof inspection carried out. If repairs are required, a roof is one of the most expensive parts of a property to work on

The cost of a roof inspection by a roofer or surveyor will vary depending on the size of the property, how easy it is to access and the nature of the construction. For example, a survey to check the condition of a flat roof on a single story property could cost around £150-£250. If scaffolding is required to access a larger property the cost of a survey could be as high as £1,000. Checking the internal structure of a roof can add to the cost, and if a chimney stack inspection is involved you may have to pay even more. What does a roof inspection cost with a drone? Again, the price will vary depending on what’s involved but an average would be around £200 for a two or three storey house. The advantage of using a drone is obvious – there’s no need to worry about ladders, scaffolding or climbing out of windows. A drone can take off from a very small piece of land, record videos and photographs of a roof and be back on the ground in around twenty minutes. 

Eagle Eye Drone Solutions ltd is a drone data acquisition team who can be of assistance to you in many ways. specializes in drone photography, videography, mapping, aerial surveying, roof inspections and much more.

 There are many industries that you may work within where you need to assess various land or pieces of equipment, and it is more than likely that you find this difficult to do, as it can take a lot of time. If this is something that you need to do, then you may find that our drone services are a much better choice for you, as it gives you the chance to view everything from the air while you remain on the ground. 


There are many industries in which this can be useful, and this includes farming, energy and infrastructure. We are able to take a detailed photo and video footage of your land or equipment, giving you the chance to see anything that might be an issue.

The fact that we are able to gain the images without you having to leave the ground means that you can gain any data that you need much more safely. With this in mind, there is no doubt that you can get the information that you need, so contact our team if you would like to make the most of our services.


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