Thermal Inspections

Three reasons to opt for a thermal inspection with Eagle Eye Drone Solutions

Whether your area of expertise lies in roofing, architecture, antique building restorations or building constructions, investing in a thermal inspection could be a game changer for your next project. Below are just three reasons why you should opt for our thermal inspections:

  • Spot leaks that would otherwise go unnoticed- The beauty of our drone thermal inspections means that we can spot leaks which would normally be invisible when with normal RGB. By spotting it sooner, you can save time and money

  • Easier roof inspections- A normal roof inspection can come with a host of obstacles such as using a ladder, being unable to access certain areas and working on steep areas. Due to this, it not only costs time and money, but puts the inspector at risk of injury. By using our drone thermal inspections, you can avoid all of this and access areas which would normally be inaccessible by traditional methods. Better yet, you can get a clearer and higher quality picture of the roof and the entire structure.

  • Quicker and detailed analysis- Unlike other inspections, you can save time and have access to a detailed analysis and aerial map. Thanks to its high-res camera, you’ll have a clear picture of the structure and a much better idea of how to move forward.

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Eagle Eye Drone Solutions ltd is a drone data acquisition team who can be of assistance to you in many ways. specializes in drone photography, videography, mapping, aerial surveying, roof inspections and much more.

 There are many industries that you may work within where you need to assess various land or pieces of equipment, and it is more than likely that you find this difficult to do, as it can take a lot of time. If this is something that you need to do, then you may find that our drone services are a much better choice for you, as it gives you the chance to view everything from the air while you remain on the ground. 


There are many industries in which this can be useful, and this includes farming, energy and infrastructure. We are able to take a detailed photo and video footage of your land or equipment, giving you the chance to see anything that might be an issue.

The fact that we are able to gain the images without you having to leave the ground means that you can gain any data that you need much more safely. With this in mind, there is no doubt that you can get the information that you need, so contact our team if you would like to make the most of our services.


All our work is fully insured.

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